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About Hengtai Law Offices
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    Founded in 1998, Hengtai Law Offices is headquartered in Shanghai and has a branch office in Suzhou. With over 20 years of accumulation, Hengtai has developed into a boutique law firm with commercial legal services serving as our main business and covering most areas of the law.

    We have been recognized in the Legal 500 Greater China 2024 rankings. Have successfully handled a large number of non-litigation projects involving IPOs, mergers and acquisitions, investment and financing, etc., and acted for a great deal of litigation and arbitration cases before the Supreme People's Court, local courts and arbitration institutions.

    Through our experienced and reputable teams of over 100 lawyers in more than 10 areas, we are able to provide one-stop, comprehensive legal solutions.

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    Most of our lawyers graduated from top law schools in China, some of them have studied or worked in countries such as the United Kingdom, the United States, Germany, Canada, and Singapore, and several are admitted to practice in the New York State of the United States or other overseas regions. A few of our lawyers have worked in the judiciary, administrative authorities, or well-known enterprises before joining Hentai. The professionalized, international, and diversified talents serve as a solid guarantee for us to provide local and cross-border services to our clients. 

    In their spare time, lawyers of Hengtai actively participate in social activities, fulfill social responsibilities and contribute wisdom and value to the development of the country, society and the community. 

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