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Construction and Real Estate

Construction and real estate is an important practice area of Hengtai. Some senior members of our team have more than 20 years of related experience. Some used to serve as general counsel of large real estate enterprise and in-house counsels of large construction companies. In addition to the lawyer's license, some of our lawyers also hold qualifications as constructor, cost engineer and budgeter.We are able to provide our clients with full-range, standardized and one-stop legal services in respect of construction and real estate.

We set up a training platform “Construction Law Research Center” to provide our clients' employees of various departments and positions with professional training services on the management of project risks, to improve their awareness and ability of risk management, and to help our clients assign responsibilities to suitable positions, and to realize the management and control goals.

We have pioneered the establishment of the “Project Risk Informatization Management Theory” and the “Golden Triangle Management Model” in China, and have developed the project management application software to help our clients with the secondary management of construction projects, especially the management of construction contracts, project progress, quality inspection, verification and validation and claims, final settlement, project payment collection, priority to be repaid, project evidentiary materials, etc., and to troubleshoot risks in each stage of the project one by one.

Our clients include all parties involved in construction and real estate projects, such as developers, contractors, construction agencies, specialist subcontractors, labor subcontractors, actual constructors, designers, supervisors, and property management companies. Among them, there are some well-known clients, including Shanghai Construction Group Co., Ltd., Jiangsu Construction Engineering Group Co., Ltd., China MCC20 Group Co., Ltd., China Construction Second Engineering Bureau Co., Ltd., The Seventh Metallurgical Construction Group Co., Ltd., and Farglory Real Estate Group (PRC) Co., Ltd.

We provide full-range legal services for construction, real estate project acquisitions, real estate investment and financing, real estate construction, real estate sales, property operation and management, and real estate dispute settlement.

Our services include

Construction Projects

Project financing

Bidding for construction projects

Construction contracting and subcontracting

Procurement of material and equipment

Project verification and validation and claim

Confirmation and payment of project costs

Project quality management

Final acceptance of project

Settlement of project costs

Warranty for project

Settlement of disputes arising from project contracts

Assignment and transfer of land use right

Procurement management of materials supplied by developer

Real Estate Projects

Project negotiation

Management of project design

Internal contracting 

Obtaining property ownership certificate

Transfer of real estate projects and projects under construction

Examination of Ads and publicity materials of commercial residential buildings

Subscription, presale, and sale of commercial residential buildings

Financing of real estate development projects

Hand-over and ownership certificates handling of commercial residential buildings

Property Operation and Management

Leasing of office, commercial and industrial property