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Dispute Resolution

Hengtai's dispute resolution team consists of partners and experienced senior lawyers. We assist clients in resolving disputes preferably through consultation and mediation to achieve a win-win situation. We are familiar with the judicial practice in China. When litigation and arbitration become our last resort, we can provide our clients with the best solution in the shortest time to effectively safeguard their interests through litigation and arbitration. Our clients come from various industries and sectors such as securities, banking, trust, healthcare, manufacturing, real estate and construction, retail, and high-tech. We have represented many well-known enterprises and individuals at home and abroad in litigation and arbitration before China's Supreme People's Court, local courts, and arbitration commissions, achieving satisfactory results in most cases. Among such cases, the first case on civil compensation due to stock market manipulation in China has attracted wide attention from the society.

Our services include

Providing legal analysis and advice on disputed issues

Providing legal advice on business decisions that may give rise to legal disputes

Conducting negotiation and mediation on disputed issues

Conducting investigation and adopting measures to preserve property

Representing clients in litigation and arbitration

Representing clients in enforcement of judgments, awards, and other effective legal documents

Representing clients to apply for recognition and enforcement of foreign judgments by Chinese courts